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Welcome to Autumn!
It is so.o.o....very good to see you back!

It's That Time of Year Again....HARVEST

Let's Put This Mildly...This Has Been the Strangest Year Ever & It's Not Even Over!

Eagle Ridge is rapidly approaching it's grape harvest. Last year (2019) we harvested all our grapes between October 6 & 9th. In 2018 we harvest the Pinot on September 23rd, the Petite on Oct. 25 and the Zin and Oct. 25.
This is we are picking the Pinot Grigio this weekend, Sept. 19-20th and the reds next week.
So far it appears that the smoke and ash will not be a huge factor, but we'll see.

Cancelled Events

As you know all of the past Livermore Wine Growers Events have been cancelled for the year.

There is one piece that has reappeared to allow completion and that is the Painted Barrel Auction.
This was to have happened at Barrel Tasting, but could not because of Covid. All of the wonderful painted barrels have been sitting waiting for their winners to be selected. But there is still time to purchase your raffle tickets.

The Raffle Ticket prices is $20/ticket or 6/$100.

Last day to purchase is Sunday, September 27, 2020 - Don't Miss Out!

Wine Sale Continues

2015 Petite Sirah
2016 Zinfandel
20018 Pinot Grigio
2018 Chardonnay

Sale is on 6 bottles or more:

25% off (35% Club) for 6-11 bottles

12 or more bottles are 40% (50% Club)

Eagle Ridge is Open Again for Tasting!

Each weekend ERV is open from 12:00 - 4:30 for Tasting in the Outdoor Area.

Tasting Does Require Reservations.
The Following Requirements Will Be In Place For Our Guests:

1.    Reservations are required and are on a first-call basis
2.    A maximum of six (6) people to a group from the same “social bubble” and all must be present to be seated
3.    Our last reservation is for 3pm, reservations will be for a maximum of 1hour and 15 min.  This allows 15 minutes to sanitize setting before each reservation
4.    Please call 925-447-4328 for reservations, our email reservation system is not available at this time
5.    All guests will be required to wear face masks at the following times
  • a.    While waiting in line
  • b.    While going to or from their table or seat
  • c.     When ordering or otherwise interacting with employees
  • d.    While seated at a table or seat and waiting for drinks or checks
  • e.    After wines have been consumed
  • f.      While inside the facility to hand-washing
6.    You must maintain social distancing of 6 (six) feet at all times from those not in your group of 6 (six)
7.    Our tables are set to maintain 6 (six) feet distancing, please do not move them
8.    ERV servers are assigned to specific tables to minimize contacts
9.    Outside drinks are not permitted
10. You may purchase a glass or bottle of wine from your table and/or there is a limited tasting menu of 5 (five) wines
11. We love children and pets, however at this time we ask that all guests be human and 21 years and over
12. For everyone’s safety, we are carefully following the guidelines of ACPHD, CDPH & CDC

We greatly appreciate your understanding, co-operation and patience as we all learn to function under the ever-changing regulations and restrictions!

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